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24 Hours Care

24 Hours Care


We’re Here For You And Loved One 24/7

If your loved one has high care needs, they might require 24-hour care. Below you’ll find key details so you can decide if this is the right choice. 

Does your loved one need extra care and attention? At Konnect Care, we are equipped to provide 24-hour care for the elderly in their own home or offer care to an individual with a disability. 

Choosing the right care services can be difficult and confusing. We aim to keep things simple, providing high-quality 24 hour care at home with a focus on compassion and kindness. 

Who Will 24 Hour Care Benefit?

24 hour home care could benefit anyone who has care needs that are apparent around the clock. These individuals often do not have family members with the skills required to keep them safe. 

As well as benefiting elderly individuals who wish to remain at home, 24-hour care can also be suitable for those with disabilities. This includes dementia care where an individual will have specific needs that must be handled the right way. 

What Does 24 Hour Home Care Entail?

24 hour home care can include a variety of roles and tasks. A 24-hour carer might help with day-to-day tasks such as showing, dressing, shopping, and transport to key appointments. 

They could also help ensure that the house is kept clean, tidy, and safe, focusing on key areas like the kitchen and bathroom. 

24-hour carers could also provide companionship, ensuring that your loved one continues to engage in a wide range of activities at home. From watching TV to gardening, with 24-hour care, there will always be someone by your side. 

A 24-hour carer may also help your loved one with vital technology from their computer to their phone. This ensures that your loved one can always keep in contact with the family. 

Individual roles of a carer will be based on the specific needs and requirements of your loved one. 

Benefits Of 24 Hour Care 

The 24 home care cost can be more budget-friendly than most families realize and ensure that elderly parents can continue to live in the comfort of their own home. Surveys have revealed that the majority of elderly individuals would prefer this instead of moving to a care facility. 

24-hour care at home can also stop families from feeling stressed about caring for their loved ones, providing them with complete peace of mind that they are getting the best support possible. 

24-hour in-home nursing care can also be used to ensure that a loved one does receive all the benefits and treatments that they would gain in a hospital while keeping them comfortable and relaxed. 

How Does 24-Hour Care Differ From Live-in Care?

24-hour care provides a loved one with more support compared with live-in care. A live-in carer has days off and needs to sleep. With 24-hour care, shifts are used to ensure someone is always on hand to take care of your loved one.

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