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Do you need support to live independently? If you do, you might be eligible for one of our home care packages that makes it easier for the elderly to retain their independence. Getting older is difficult on the mind and body, which is why providers of home care packages are essential if you want to maintain a healthy outlook on life.

The good news is, the Australian government is committed to making a subsidiary to your provider of choice to reduce the cost and your exposure. As a result, you could only pay a small fee for a high-quality package, or none whatsoever.

To find out more, call us on 1800 845 162 for free to speak to a knowledgeable and trainer advisor.

Home Care Packages – What Are They?

They are services that are funded by the government to help the elderly stay at home and enjoy their golden years. Home care packages apply to the over-65s who require assistance from Konnect and are paid directly to us.

But, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice in how the money is spent. We work with our customers and patients to create a bespoke plan. This allows us to develop a strategy that works best for the individual as it’s tailored to your needs.

What’s the Process for Securing a Package?

To start with, you must apply for a level 1, 2, 3, or 4 home care package through My Aged Care – all the applications go through them. To confirm what home care solution you’ll receive, you will be assessed and designated a category. This stays in place for the long-term to ensure your health is looked after.

During the process, an assessor will work with you to determine a plan that is supportive and comprehensive. Once you are assigned a home care package, you get 56 days to agree to the terms and conditions. 

After that, the invoices are sent and paid monthly. Depending on the financial and asset check, you might not have to deal with payments at all because the government’s subsidy will cover the expenses. Plus, if your wellbeing changes, you can review your package and upgrade to one that’s in line with your health.

Why Konnect Care?

It’s because we’re a home care expert that is dedicated to going the extra mile for its patients. Not only does that mean receiving the best package available, but also providing interim services for you while you wait to hear about your application. We can do this via the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Plus, our experience is about as extensive as our skill levels – we’ve been assisting people with health problems for years and understand the dynamics better than most providers in Australia. As we like to say, we’re here to help the helpers. The fact we are NDIS-certified means you get the control and independence you require to live happily and healthily.

All you need to do is contact us now on free call 1800 123 456 or book a free consultation on our website. After all, you deserve world-class home care.

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