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Overnight Care

Overnight Care


Get The Good Night Of Sleep And Peace Of Mind You Need

Many elderly individuals and those with disabilities do need support through the night. Below, you’ll find information to help determine whether overnight care is the right choice for your loved one. 

If you are a primary carer of a loved one, you might be struggling to get the rest you need through the night. You could be up until the early hours caring for your loved one or worrying that they are not safe. At Konnect Care, we can help. We provide overnight care suitable for elderly loved ones and those with disabilities who do require on-hand support. 

With our solution, you can rest easy knowing that the needs of your loved one will be handled with compassion throughout the night while you sleep easily.

Our overnight care services can also be used as a form of respite care, providing you with the break that you need from your nightly care duties. 

Choosing Between Active And Inactive Overnight Care

There are two different types of overnight home care. 

Active overnight care provides ongoing support throughout the night. As such, the care work remains awake throughout the shift, ensuring that the individual remains safe. This type of care is ideal and in some cases essential for the elderly and people with certain disabilities. Elderly individuals are more likely to slip or fall out of bed through the night without warning. 

Those with dementia would also benefit from active overnight care. Dementia care focuses on helping patients that might be confused or disoriented in their environment. 

In-active home care can be provided to individuals who do not have severe care needs but could still need support through the night. In cases like this, then home care workers will sleep between 10 pm and 6 am but will be available to help if any issues arise through the night. 

The cost of overnight care will differ depending on whether it is active or inactive. Active is based on an hourly rate while active is charged as a flat rate for the night. 

If you are not sure whether your loved one needs active or inactive overnight care we can help. We will complete a thorough examination to ensure that the right decision is made. 

What Will Overnight Care Typically Entail?

Overnight home care for the elderly will typically be mainly focused on ensuring that an elderly individual does not slip or fall during the night. This could happen as they make their way to the bathroom. With our solution, a carer will always be on hand to help throughout the night. As well as this, we can rebuild confidence so you no longer need this type of support in the future. 

We can help you put preventative measures in place so that your loved one is far less likely to sustain an injury or have difficulties through the night. 

An overnight carer might also include evening care for the elderly where their meals are prepared and they are showered and dressed before bed. 

We provide all services with a high level of compassion, offering reassurance and support to your loved one every step of the way.

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