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Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation

Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation

Deciding to care for a loved one with disabilities or a senior family member is an honourable choice and a sign of unbreakable love and compassion. However, everyone sometimes needs a break from their routine. Here at Konnect Care, we are committed to putting state-of-the-art facilities and professional personnel at your service – so that you and your primary care can take a holiday, relax, and recharge. 

Our NDIS short-term and medium-term accommodation enables seniors and people with disabilities to take a few days away from their family home, experience supported independent living, and extend their social circle. From tailored recreational activities to 24/7 professional care, your loved ones are in great care – while you can also enjoy a well-deserved break!

Planned Regular Stays and Supported Independent Living

Living with a disability or seeing a loved one dealing with it takes a lot of courage, commitment, and resilience. We are aware that loneliness, monotony, and fatigue can take a toll on your ability to enjoy life. That is why here at Konnect Care, we offer all the facilities, knowledge, and support your family needs to enjoy a fulfilling life. 

Regular planned stays in our NDIS short term accommodation in Sydney allow a loved one with disabilities to meet new people, socialize, engage in new activities, and enjoy a tailored 360° professional care.

A Professional Support Network At Your Service

Here at Konnect Care, we have experience with providing care for all disability levels. Some of our NDIS supported accommodation residents only require mid-level support and can benefit from enough NDIS STA funding to enjoy a monthly night away from their family homes. Other residents with low- to high-level support can benefit from week-long stays all year round.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation and Assistance: A Well-Earned Break for You and Your Primary Carer

Regular stays at an NDIS short term accommodation are a beautiful way to ensure that both you and your loved ones can kick back and recharge. Originally called “NDIS Respite Accommodation” and designed to give informal carers a well-earned break, today it has become “NDIS Short Term Accommodation and Assistance”. A stay away from the family home can be an excellent experience for carers, seniors, and people with disabilities alike.

Design Your Experience at an NDIS Accommodation

Konnect Care might only be a temporary accommodation for your loved one with a disability, but we encourage each of our residents to design their ideal stay at our facilities. 

Here’s what to expect from your NDIS short and medium-term accommodation stay:

  • All meals included for balanced nutrition. 
  • Daily activities, from sports to crafts and short trips to a nearby attraction
  • A vibrant community of residents that can make downtime more enjoyable
  • Day and night professional care and support
  • Possibility to split a carer with other low-level support residents 

Get in Touch With Konnect Care To Book Your Stay

Our team at Konnect Care established itself as one of the best NDIS short term accommodation providers in Sydney. With years of individual and cumulative care, we are ready to support you and your loved ones by providing a tailored NDIS accommodation solution. Get in touch today to discover more of the eligibility criteria and book your next stay.

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