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Group Homes

Konnect Care can help you find the perfect group homes for disabled individuals or the elderly, allowing them to access the care they need and deserve. If they’re unable to receive care in their own home, this is the next best option to help them maintain a sense of independence and enjoy a more relaxing environment.

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What are Group Homes?

Group homes are shared residences where a small group of people can undergo continuous support. They are typically large enough for 4 to 10 people to live, offering 24/7 care services to those in need. This is commonly referred to as Supported Independent Living (SIL), giving residents more freedom than they’d experience in a care home. It allows them to mingle with the other residents of the group home, performing as many tasks as they can. Assistance is offered for anything they need help with, creating a very relaxing and welcoming environment. 

In contrast to care homes, a group home has a much smaller number of residents and isn’t as strictly controlled. It does a much better job of replicating a home environment for everyone living there. 

What are the benefits of Group Homes?

Putting your loved ones in a group home can be extremely beneficial for them. Aside from the fact they get 24/7 access to care services, they may also enjoy:

  • More freedom – they can choose where they live and who with, ensuring that they only move into a group home that they’re happy with. 
  • Flexible schedules – a big difference between group homes and care homes is that the schedule is far more flexible in a group home. Riding timetables aren’t set each day, giving the residents more independence. 
  • A sense of community – there are group homes for disabilities, group homes for the elderly, and group homes for other people with specific issues. This the residents to be around people in similar positions as themselves, creating a lovely community atmosphere. 
  • Personalised care – everyone in a group home receives 24/7 access to high-quality care services that are built around their specific personal needs!
  • An improved level of care – group homes often have a small number of residents and lots of carers. This allows for an improved level of care as each person has a dedicated carer that sees to all their needs. It can lead to better results than seen in other care environments. 
  • More privacy – every resident will have their own private bedroom, giving them a secluded area to make their own. This can work wonders for mental health, allowing residents to feel more at home. 
  • Unlimited visiting hours – unlike a care home, group homes have no restrictions on when family members can visit. You can see your loved ones as often as you like, without needing to call up or make bookings. 

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For more information on disability group homes or group homes for the elderly, contact Konnect Care today. We will help you find the perfect home for your loved one, ensuring they get an exceptional level of care at all times. Get in touch with us today, and we can have a consultation about your next steps.

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